Preplanning for Inktober

Yes, I’m aware it is August. If people can have Christmas in July, I can start really looking into Inktober and start putting good habits in place for being successful. I’ll tell you a secret, I’ve never once completed Inktober. I’ve only made it two weeks before I just get burned out.

What is Inktober?

If you are an aspiring artist, you might have heard of this phenomena that started years ago by a guy that just wanted to get better at art. And share his art with others. It has grown into a world wide community. It is based primarily on Instagram but you can share and participate in Inktober from any plateform.

The ‘rules’ are simple, create an ink based drawing every day for the month of October. There are plenty of prompts out there including the ‘official’ prompt list from the Inktober website. These are usually one word prompts that are pretty much a descriptive adjective.

There are other websites and artists that have started specific Inktober themes like Mermaids or Witches. I personally like the witch prompts because I like drawing halloween witches.

My personal goals

I have come to realize that if I try to make it simple and easy, it’s not going to work, I’m going to just get bored with it. If I make it too complicated then I’m going to loose steam as well. So there has to be a middle ground. I think my Zodiac series will give me enough to at least get me through. I don’t have to finish the piece but just work on it a little bit everyday.

This will allow me to stay motivated because it’s a project that I know I love and want to work on. It’s also a project that isn’t too simple or to complicated. I also don’t have to be under pressure to complete a single finished piece everyday. Or abandon something that I was working on previously just to stay on track with the next prompt.

What this project means to me.

I started this project about 3 to 4 years ago when I was in the middle east. I created Ares first and Aquarius second. Yes I am aware that I didn’t go in order. I don’t think about the zodiac in a straight line. If I have an idea for a specific sign, I’ll start sketching it out and turn it into a good piece to start inking. I was experimenting at the time so I redrew Ares a few times in different styles and with different mediums. I was the happiest with copic markers because I can easily turn them into stickers.

This is the watercolor version.

I have this obsession with graffiti and so I decided to incorporate my own personal graffiti style into most of the pieces. It’s something that doesn’t actually tie them all together. I think the background is what really makes this a series. The black background with stars is exactly what I feel like catches the eye when I look at the four that I have finished.

The Inktober Community

When I originally started posting my artwork on Instagram for Inktober, I would get a ton of attention. Comments, likes, all of it and it was great. I received a lot of encouragement and felt like I could also give the same to others. As the years have built up, this community has had it’s ups and downs. Recently Jake Parker, the creator of Inktober decided to patent his idea. This led to alot of controversy and impacted the community during 2020. Now it’s 2021 and there still isn’t an official Inktober prompt list as of the writing of this blog post.

This hasn’t stopped other creators to come up with prompts of their own. I personally enjoy the challenge and as I’ve outlined above, I’ll be working on my own project which really has nothing to do with Inktober other than the fact that I’ll be working on most of it during October. Alongside creating a few side artworks from prompts that inspire me.


This is a side planning project of mine that will help me get ready for Nanowrimo. This is an online event that I am really looking forward to. There might be controversy surrounding this event as well but I feel like this event was more about bringing the writing community together and not focused on one person who created the event.

Preptober is about planning for your novel and I’ve already started a planner dedicated to all of these events. Hopefully this will set me up for success in the coming months as my life continues it’s busy grind.


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