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  • Creative Time Management

    Creative Time Management

    We all encounter that moment. That debilitating, paralyzing lack of mental capacity where we all just freeze. A sense of drowning, the overwhelming lack of direction and not knowing how to even start. That is my worst fear, I despise not having a plan or a sense of direction. The Moment Itself So I’ve described […]

  • Mind on My Money

    Mind on My Money

    As the pandemic reaches another level of amazing ridiculousness and more unrest seems to be the order of the world news, I want to make a post that resonates with the people around me who might be reading this blog. I don’t have the answers and this blog isn’t about giving worldly, high handed answers […]

  • My Novel Planning Process

    My Novel Planning Process

    As the summer starts to wind down I am slowly turning my attention away from my historical dressmaking and returning to my art and writing. I tend to write more in the fall and winter. I can make myself a spot of tea and gather around my flickering computer screen to warm my hands on […]

  • My Goals for Nanowrimo

    My Goals for Nanowrimo

    My thoughts on the upcoming Nanowrimo event.

  • Should you really finish that?

    Should you really finish that?

    That age old question when you’re just staring at the piles of projects you’ve started with all the good intentions inside of you. Anything from a dress to an epic art piece that struck you with lightning inspiration. Sometimes it’s just a matter of organizing your time. I have piles of planners and bullet journals […]